Water Filtration Machines in Kenya

Water Filtration Machines in Kenya

Water Filtration Machines in Kenya

Many Kenyans in different parts of the country have no access to clean water for drinking and home use. For this reason, it is very important to find a solution that is affordable and effective. The ideal solution would therefore be water filtration to remove the pathogens and micro-organisms that cause these diseases. In this article we will talk about some water filtration machines in Kenya that can help offer the solution.

Why water filtration machines in Kenya are important

Many of the water companies in different counties are inefficient. Their water supply systems are low capacity which means there’s great demand for the clean water they supply. To add to this challenge, some of their systems are so old and weak they leak in contaminated water from the sewer system when it bursts.

On the other hand, there’s high pollution of water from industrial effluent that drain in rivers that is consumed by people down the stream. In other parts of the country where there are water pans, dams and boreholes, the water is still not clean. This situation has resulted in many cases of cholera outbreaks among other water borne diseases. This has led to high demand for clean drinking water for their residents.

From the above findings, we felt it’s very important to be suppliers of high quality water filtration machines in Kenya.

Water filtration machines in Kenya you can choose from

Water Purification SystemsSaset is a market leader in offering water filtration machines. Below are some of the best water filtration machines in Kenya that you can acquire from us.

Ultra violet(UV) water treatment machines.

This machine uses ultraviolet mechanism to treat water. The water is pumped through a cartridge filter and UV rays for sterilization. UV lamps are also used to sterilize surgery rooms before procedures are done.

Reverse osmosis(RO) water treatment machines

Our RO systems are composed of a filtration mechanism in addition to the reverse osmosis. They come in different types- Under Sink RO Purifier, Compact RO Purifier etc. They use the reverse osmosis mechanism to treat water. This is a very efficient and low cost method of treating water.

Ultra filtration(UF) water treatment machines

With these machines, water is forced through a semipermeable membrane that filters suspended solids and high-molecular-weight solutes. Water and low-molecular-weight solutes filter through the membrane to the permeate side. They are very efficient with an efficacy rate of between 90%-100% and can handle most water sources and produce a stable water quality.

Secondary filtration machines

These are for treated water from county council. Since the water is already treated it doesn’t require a very robust filtration machine. They are very common with water vending station businesses.

Confused on which machine is right for you?

Are you wondering which machine will be ideal for you? We can advise you. Feel free to request us for guidance and we will advise you accordingly so you can buy what you actually need.  

Searching where to acquire water filtration machines in Kenya?

Your search for water filtration machines in Kenya ends here. Saset is the leading supplier and installer of high quality water filtration machines in Kenya. Get in touch with us today.

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