The Best Cooking Oil ATM to Buy

The Best Cooking Oil ATM to Buy

The Best Cooking Oil ATM to Buy

Are you interested in starting a cooking oil ATM business? Are you in the market for a good quality salad ATM to use for your business? It’s only at Saset that you can get the best cooking oil ATM to buy at most affordable rates. We are experts in manufacturing top quality salad oil ATMs.

The best cooking oil ATM to buy- Why buy from us

High quality and durable- we are driven by quality products. We have a steep quality standard we have set for ourselves to ensure the final product is of the highest quality. This begins with the quality of the materials we use. We source the best quality materials and follow a strict manufacturing procedure designed to produce the best quality ATMs.

13 month warranty- to cement our quality assurance to our clients, we give a 13 month warranty on all our products. This gives the customer a peace of mind that the product they are buying from us is of the highest quality.

After sale services- our engagement with our clients don’t just end after the sale. We also offer after sale service at discounted rates to all our customers whenever they need repair and maintenance services.

Affordable- compare to what other manufacturers offer and the quality of their products, we can confidently say we offer the best prices for the high quality ATMs we make. As stated earlier, we are driven by quality but also ensure our prices are very affordable.

Password protected security feature- the ATMs’ digital control unit(PLC) is password protected as a security feature. This prevents someone without a password from interfering with the pricing or the sales records. Only the person with the password is able to access and make any alterations.

Sales records- the PLC unit has a memory that keeps sales records that you can always retrieve/access later for sales reconciliation. This helps you to see if they tarry even if you have employed someone to run the business.

Large capacity- our cooking oil ATMs come in different capacities. You can order one with a large holding tank. We even make double door units if you wish to. This helps you serve multiple customers at the same time or sell two different types/brands of cooking oil at the same time from the same unit.

Prevents oil from solidifying during cold seasons- since cooking oil can solidify during cold seasons it makes it impossible to be dispensed. We make our ATMs with temperature resistant materials so that the oil stays in liquid form all the time. All the same make sure you buy good quality cooking oil because some brands are of really low quality that even in normal temperatures it still solidifies.

how to start a salad oil ATM side hustle business in Kenya- Double unit salad atmThe best cooking oil ATM to buy

Saset ATMs are the best salad oil ATMs you can get in the market. If you are looking for the best cooking oil ATM to buy you will never go wrong with us.

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