Water Treatment Solutions in Kenya

Water Treatment Solutions in Kenya

Water Treatment Solutions in Kenya

The saying water is life is not just a saying but the truth. Water is a very precious commodity and a basis necessity for everybody. However not everyone has access to clean water for consumption. Many households in Kenya have no access to clean drinking water according to water.org. This has resulted to an increase in water borne diseases in some part of the country. The main reason is lack of sufficient water treatment solutions in Kenya which is a shame considering that Kenya is a middle income economy nation.

It is therefore very important that measures are put in place that can benefit citizens in those areas where there’s a challenge in accessing clean water for human consumption. One of the solutions would be installing domestic water purifiers and reverse osmosis systems in homes and different water points.

Water treatment solutions in Kenya- domestic water purifiers

One of the most cost effective and affordable solutions would be households acquiring domestic water purifiers. These gadgets are quite affordable and can help win the fight against water borne diseases.

The government can also supply these units to households at subsidized prices so that as many people as possible can afford them. This can be done at the county level since it’s easier that way to identify the households that really need them.

reverse osmosis systemsAnother alternative would be NGOs coming in and giving units to the households that can’t afford them. But better still would be if they can join hands with the government so that the number of households that can benefit can increase. This way even the NGOs can be able to negotiate with the government to zero rate the units which makes them even more affordable. And speaking of zero rating the units, the government can also extend the same to individuals who choose to buy the units themselves. This way the water purifiers can be more affordable to more people.

The other option that would also help households acquire the water purifiers is banks advancing loans to people so that they can buy them. In the past this has really worked with plastic tanks whereby banks have given out loans to people who want to own one. The same arrangement can be done to individuals or chamas.

And speaking of chamas, this is also another option that can help households acquire water purifiers. Chamas can support their members acquire the units through advancing loans to them or buying them on their behalf then deduct the money from member contributions.

Where to buy domestic water purifiers in Kenya

If you would want to acquire a domestic water purifier, Saset is your top choice. We supply high quality water purifiers for households across the nation. If you need one or want to buy in bulk, get in touch with us for the best prices.

Water treatment solutions in Kenya- reverse osmosis systems

Reverse osmosis systems are more advanced water purifiers. They use reverse osmosis process to remove impurities from water. The systems are capable or purifying water from different sources because they are equipped with different components for purification. Reverse osmosis systems are even used at commercial levels like distilling companies, beverage manufacturing companies, hospitals for dialysis processes etc. The systems can produce true purified water like what you buy at the supermarket as bottled water.

Reverse osmosis systems come in different output capacities. You can therefore go for one which meets your particular needs. The systems can also be installed at community water points to ensure that people can access the cleanest water possible for their personal consumption. This way the challenge of water borne diseases can be greatly reduced.

Since reverse osmosis systems are more expensive than the domestic water purifiers considering that also they are more advanced, they are more suited for commercial use. Some of the places where reverse osmosis systems are used include but not limited to:

  1. Water vending stations
  2. Beverage producing companies
  3. Hospitals
  4. Medicine manufacturing companies
  5. Factories that require purified water for their processes.

Where to buy reverse osmosis systems in Kenya

Saset is a leading supplier and installer of reverse osmosis systems in Kenya. We have served clients cutting across different sectors in the country like water vending stations, hospitals and beverage manufacturers. If you need one you have come to the right place.

Above are the ideal water treatment solutions in Kenya that would work in different scenarios. If you are in the market for water treatment solution at whatever capacity get in touch with us today. We have a package for everyone in need.

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