high quality water purifier suppliers in Kenya - reverse osmosis water purifier

High Quality Water Purifier Suppliers in Kenya

High Quality Water Purifier Suppliers in Kenya

Lack of access to clean drinking water is a challenge in many parts of Kenya even in urban centres. This has resulted to individual companies and people sinking boreholes or draw water from other sources like dams, rivers, boreholes etc. Unfortunately this water is not safe for direct consumption and needs to be purified. You need a high quality water purifier for that reason. Later in this post we will look at high quality water purifier suppliers in Kenya.

Why there’s a demand for high quality water purifiers

The different municipal water companies are underfunded and do not have the resources to connect every home to water. The other problem is that even the available sources are not sufficient to supply every household with clean water even if there was enough funding to the municipal water companies. To counter these challenges, people have resulted to sinking boreholes, dams being built by communities or county governments while others directly draw the water from rivers. This has in turn created a big demand for water purifiers.  

Industries that use commercial water purifiers

  1. Soft drink beverage production companies
  2. Water bottling and refilling businesses
  3. Medicine manufacturers
  4. Hospitals
  5. Hotels
  6. Milk & dairy products processing firms
  7. Distillation and alcohol production companies
  8. Chemical manufacturing companies
  9. Etc. there are many more industries that use commercial water purifiers that are not mentioned here.

Water Filtration Machines in KenyaFeatures of a high quality water purifier

High efficiency

Efficiency is the ability to give maximum output without wastage of the available resources. A good quality water purifier is able to make maximum use of its features without or with minimal wastage. This means it has a high filtration capability and not much water is wasted. It also means all features like filters are able to filter to the highest capacity and the electric power used in the process is well utilized.

Multisource water treatment capability

Another feature of a good quality water purifier is ability to treat water from multiple sources without the need of having different purifiers for each source of water. Therefore if you are drawing water from the ocean, river, dam, borehole or well the purifier must be able to handle all of them efficiently. To ensure this, high quality water purifiers have multi-process purification as explained below.

Multi-process purification

A high quality water purifier should have the capability of producing well purified water that meets the highest standards. It should be able to take the water through a process e.g. reverse osmosis that ensures all the impurities have been removed as well as any odour and bad taste. Some of the processes that are handled by the purifier include:

  • Sand filtration
  • Carbon filtration
  • Flocculation
  • Activated alumina
  • Birm filters
  • Pre-chlorination
  • PH adjustment

All the above are done at different stages as explained below.

Multistage treatment

A high quality water purifier has different treatment stages that are designed to help the purifier produce high quality/stable water that is highly purified without bad taste, odour or harmful contaminants also known as suspended solids. However it’s good to note there is a recommended level of natural minerals that is allowed in water which are helpful and required by the body. Below are the different purification stages:

  1. 1st stage – Sand filtration– for removal of large particles.
  2. 2nd& 3rd stage – Cartridge filtration– removal of suspended particles.
  3. 4th stage –Carbon filtration– removal of insecticides, organic chemicals, chlorine, herbicides and unpleasant taste.
  4. 5th stage – Micro filtration– further removal of suspended particles and bacterial removal.
  5. 6th stage – Ultra Violet disinfection– at this stage water is exposed to ultra violet rays to kill bacteria and totally disinfect the water.

Water Purification SystemsHigh Quality Water Purifier Suppliers in Kenya

If you are in the market for high quality water purifier suppliers in Kenya you have arrived at the right place. Saset is the market leader in the manufacturing of high quality water purifiers for use in different industries. Our water purifiers are made of high quality components that meet the highest global standards and KEBS standards.

Our technicians are well qualified and experienced in making different types of purifiers that suit the client needs. We are able to even custom fabricate the purifier to meet your exact needs. In order to know the right purifier for your needs we require you supply us with a water analysis report from a credible/authorized water lab. If you don’t have access to one we can connect you with one of those we have partnered with that are government approved.

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