Prices of Water Purifier Machines in Kenya

Prices of Water Purifier Machines in Kenya

Prices of Water Purifier Machines in Kenya

Are you in the market for a water purifier whether for commercial or domestic use? Are you searching for prices of water purifier machines in Kenya? If that is why you came here for you have come to the right place. We will look at the different types of water purifiers, their features and prices.

Types of water purifiers

It’s important to note that the kind of water purifiers we will be looking at here what you can buy from us. As a leading manufacturer and experienced in making water purifiers, we have great insight on what is needed in the market and would be suitable for you.

Fresh water treatment purifier

This purifier is ideal for council water, spring water, and other natural sources that are not heavily polluted. This is very ideal for water vending stations and water bottling firms who mostly use water from the municipal council. The municipal council water is pre-treated and purified to some extent.

Features of fresh water treatment purifier:

It has 6 stage filtration and purification process:

  • Sand filtration– 1st stage
  • Cartridge filtration– 2nd & 3rd stages
  • Carbon filtration– 4th stage
  • Micro filtration– 5th stage
  • Ultra Violet disinfection– 6th stage

Other features:

  • No use of chemicals.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Consistent pure water.
  • No other maintenance other than routine cleaning and cartridge replacement.
  • Capacity ranges between 250 ltrs/h — 1000 ltrs/h.

Reverse Osmosis Systems(RO Systems)

The RO systems are suitable for treating the following types of water that have low quantities of suspended solids:

  1. Borehole water.
  2. Saline water(sea/ocean water).
  • Dirty river water.
  1. Dirty dam water.

There are three types of reverse osmosis water purifiers you can opt for depending with your needs and water source.

Domestic Water Purifier systemDomestic reverse osmosis purifiers

These are small output reverse osmosis purifiers that can be easily carried when going for camping or even placed under your kitchen sink. Because they are portable their output is relatively small compared to the other Reverse Osmosis systems discussed below. However they are sufficient for most household water needs. Their cost is also cheaper compared to the ones below. You can get a Saset domestic RO system that is locally made or an imported version. The locally made of course has more advantages like it’s easy to get it repaired and get parts. We can also customize it to suit your needs.

For treating water with high fluoride, iron & suspended solids.

These water purifiers have the following features:

  • Pre-chlorination.
  • Sand filtration.
  • Carbon filtration.
  • Birm filters.
  • PH adjustment.
  • Activated alumina.
  • Capacities range from 250 ltrs/h—3000 ltrs/hr.

For treating water with less fluoride, iron & suspended solids.

These have the following features:

  • Sand filtration.
  • Activated carbon filter.
  • Sediment filters.
  • Reverse osmosis plant.
  • Micro filtration.
  • UV disinfection Pretreatments (i.e, chlorination, antiscalant, ph adjustment dosing).
  • Capacity ranges from 200ltrs/h — 1000 ltrs/h.

We understand the above descriptions might be a bit technical so feel free to reach us to inquire more so you can make an informed decision on what is suitable for you before purchasing.

water purification machine for sale in KenyaPrices of water purifier machines in Kenya

Having looked at the types of water purifiers you can go for let’s see the prices. It is important to note that prices depend mostly with the output capacity. That said let’s see the prices below:

Fresh water treatment purifier

Output capacity 250 litres/h – 1000 litres/h

Price: Ksh 170,000-Ksh250,000

Reverse Osmosis Systems(RO Systems)

For water treatment with less fluoride and total dissolved matter.

Output capacity: 300litres/h – 1,000litres/h

Price: Ksh 270,000 – Ksh 600,000

For water with high fluoride, iron and suspended solids

Output capacity: 250litres/h – 3,000litres/h

Price: Ksh330,000 – Ksh1,350,000

Above prices of water purifiers machines in Kenya are just a range and if you want to see the full range of our products on a catalogue get in touch with us.

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