Where to Buy Water Purifiers in Nairobi

Where to Buy Water Purifiers in Nairobi

Where to Buy Water Purifiers in Nairobi

About 40% of Kenyans do not have access to clean drinking water according to a report by Unicef that shows that 59% of Kenyans have access to clean water. This means the 41% do not enjoy this luxury. However the 59% doesn’t mean that all those get the clean water from the municipal supply system. A number of this group gets the clean water from other sources like oceans, boreholes, wells, dams, rivers etc. Considering the above named sources don’t give clean ready to drink water, it means that the water has gone through some form of purification hence the need for water purifiers. In this post we will look at where to buy water purifiers in Nairobi.

But before we discuss where to buy the purifiers, let us see the different types so you can know what is suitable for you depending with your needs and source of water.

Types of purifiers you can buy

There are two main types of the water purifiers:

  1. Fresh water purifiers- Those that purify pre-treated water from the municipal council.
  2. Reverse osmosis purifiers- Those that treat water drawn directly from rivers, boreholes, dams, ocean etc.

Fresh water treatment purifier

This purifier is ideal for council water, spring water, and other natural sources that are not heavily polluted.

Features of fresh water treatment purifier:

It has 6 stage filtration and purification process:

  • Sand filtration– 1st stage
  • Cartridge filtration– 2nd & 3rd stages
  • Carbon filtration– 4th stage
  • Micro filtration– 5th stage
  • Ultra Violet disinfection– 6th stage

Other features:

  • No use of chemicals.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Consistent pure water.
  • No other maintenance other than routine cleaning and cartridge replacement.
  • Capacity ranges between 250 ltrs/h — 1000 ltrs/h.

Water Purification SystemsReverse Osmosis Systems(RO Systems)

The RO systems are suitable for treating the following types of water:

  1. Borehole water.
  2. Saline water(sea/ocean water).
  3. Dirty river water.
  4. Dirty dam water.

There are three types of reverse osmosis water purifiers you can opt for depending with your needs and water source.

For treating water with high fluoride, iron & suspended solids.

They have the following features:

  • Pre-chlorination.
  • Sand filtration.
  • Carbon filtration.
  • Birm filters.
  • PH adjustment.
  • Activated alumina.
  • Capacities range from 250 ltrs/h—3000 ltrs/hr.

For treating water with less fluoride, iron & suspended solids.

They have the following features:

  • Sand filtration.
  • Activated carbon filter.
  • Sediment filters.
  • Reverse osmosis plant.
  • Micro filtration.
  • UV disinfection Pretreatments (i.e, chlorination, antiscalant, ph adjustment dosing).
  • Capacity ranges from 200ltrs/h — 1000 ltrs/h.

Domestic reverse osmosis purifiers

These are small output portable reverse osmosis purifiers that can be easily carried when going for camping or even placed under your kitchen sink. Their output is relatively small compared to the other RO systems discussed above. However they are sufficient for most household water needs. They are also cheaper in terms of cost.

How to Choose the Right Reverse Osmosis SystemWhere to buy water purifiers in Nairobi

Saset is the ultimate market leader in water purifiers. If you are searching where to buy water purifiers in Nairobi or anywhere in Kenya you need look no further. We make the best quality water purifiers in Kenya. We make purifiers suitable for both domestic and commercial use. Some of the industries that use our water purifiers include but not limited to:

  1. Water vending businesses
  2. Hospitals
  • Beverage manufacturing companies
  1. Hotels
  2. Schools
  3. Milk processing companies etc

There are several reasons why you don’t need to look further if you are shopping for a water purifier to suit your needs.

Why buy water purifiers from us

Quality guarantee

Saset water purifiers are designed to give top performance at all times. We make them with the best quality materials/components that are KEBS approved and also meet international standards.

13 month warranty

We don’t just make a claim that our water purifiers are of the highest quality but we also give a 13 month warranty on them. This shows we are confident about their quality and should give you an assurance that you are buying a high quality product.

Countrywide delivery

We have partnered with some of the leading courier services providers in Kenya that cover all parts of Kenya and also beyond boarders to some of the major cities in East Africa.

Free installation and commissioning

Another advantage of buying from us is that we do free installation and commissioning for the commercial purifiers. We want to ensure that your new machine is working well from the onset which helps you to start using the machine immediately. We do the installation and commissioning free of charge.

After sale services

In case you ever need servicing or repair of your machine you can rest assured that you will get the assistance you need from us. We don’t want to just end our relationship with you at the end of the sale. We are here for you whenever you need our help in servicing or repairing the machine. As our client you get priority when we are dispatching technicians to do the repairs and servicing.

Get in touch with us today

If you need a water purifier for whatever use you can get in touch with us via call, WhatsApp, email, contact us form or leaving a comment below. You can also visit our workshop in Kimbo Ruiru at toll station before the Juja weigh bridge. We are next to Rubis petrol station. See the google map below or search us on google.


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