water purification machine for sale in Kenya

Water Purification Machine for Sale in Kenya

Water Purification Machine for Sale in Kenya

Kenya has always faced the challenge of insufficient supply of clean water to drink both in the rural areas and urban centres. As a result many people have resulted to seeking alternative sources of water like dams, rivers, wells and boreholes. However these sources of water do not have clean water that is suitable for human consumption because of the high level of impurities in them. The good thing is that there is a solution and that is water purifiers. If therefore you have been searching for water purification machine for sale in Kenya you have come to the right place.

Water Purification SystemsWhere to find high quality water purification machine for sale in Kenya

Saset is well known and highly rated when it comes to manufacturing water purification machines both for domestic and commercial use. We have served clients from all over Kenya and across borders in East Africa. If you have been wondering where to buy water purification machine for sale in Kenya you have found your answer. But why us?

Why buy water purification machines from us?

13 months warranty. We don’t baselessly claim that our products are of the highest standards, we back it up with a 13 months warranty for any water purification machine you buy from us. This is backed up with a warranty document not just word of mouth.

High purification efficiency. Our purifiers have a very high efficiency rate. They don’t waste much water and the water they produce is highly stable. The water is highly purified and meets all the KEBS standards for bottling it.

Affordable prices. Inasmuch as we are the best in the market and our products are superior to the rest, we still charge very affordable prices. We want as many people as possible to be able to afford our products so they can benefit from them whether they are for commercial use or domestic use.

Customizable to suit your water source and/or amount of impurities. Different sources of water have different impurity levels. We recommend that the client first takes their water for analysis in an approved lab to be able to know exactly what impurities are in the water and to what percentages. After we have known this information from the report you bring back, we are able to customize the right water purifier for you.

NB: in case you need referral on a reputable and approved lab let us know.

Free delivery. Another advantage of buying from us is that you are able to have the machine delivered at your most convenient location. Having partnered with some leading courier services providers, we are able to cover all parts of Kenya as well as major cities across East Africa.

Free installation. Another thing that you get to enjoy when you buy a water purification machine from us is free installation. We come and set it up for you and ensure it is operating as designed.

After sale services. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to buy a machinery that if and when it breaks down or there’s a fault you can’t use it any longer. That is why it makes more sense to buy locally manufactured equipment that you can easily find a technician to fix the problem. When you buy a water purifier from us you can rest assured that when you need repair and maintenance services we are available for you on a priority basis. We offer on demand after sale services to all our clients at discounted rates.

Water Purifier Machine Sellers in KenyaGet in touch with us if you are searching for water purification machine for sale in Kenya

If you are in need of a water purification machine then you should get in touch with us now. You can use email, WhatsApp, call, fill in the contact form or leave a comment below here.

You can also visit us at Kimbo Ruiru at toll bus station next to Rubis petrol station. See the google map at the footer. We look forward to serving you.

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