Commercial Water Purification Machines

Commercial Water Purification Machines

Commercial Water Purification Machines

Water is an essential commodity that is used in every day activity. Whether for domestic consumption, industrial use, medical purposes or any other area, all these need clean water. However the challenge is accessing sufficient clean water because our water supply from the council is often not enough. It is for that reason that both individuals and commercial establishments have resulted to alternative sources of water. But to be able to meet their daily requirements, they need to install commercial water purification machines.

Why are commercial water purification machines necessary and more preferred?

  1. They have bigger output compared to domestic water purifiers.
  2. They are more efficient.
  3. They can handle different sources of water.

Which are some of the industries that use commercial water purification machines?

  1. Water bottling and refilling businesses
  2. Soft drink beverage production companies
  3. Distillation and alcohol production companies
  4. Hospitals
  5. Milk & dairy products processing firms
  6. Chemical manufacturing companies
  7. Hotels
  8. Medicine manufacturers
  9. Etc. there are many more industries that use commercial water purifiers that are not mentioned above.

Features of our commercial water purification machines

Different capacity output

At Saset, we make commercial water purifiers of different output capacities. Depending with the source of water it handles, the output varies. For example water purifiers handling pre-treated water like what you get from the council, have a higher output capacity than commercial purifiers that handle borehole, dam, river or sea water. This is because the latter have a longer purification process and have more purification features.

Different purification processes

As mentioned above, different machines handle different sources of water. Therefore the purification processes are different.  Some of the processes that are handled by the purifier include:

The process for treating borehole water can be as follows:

  • STEP 1: Water is pumped through a filter comprising of sand media for removal of any suspended matter that will cause blockage in the RO membranes.
  • STEP 2: To prevent scaling of the RO membranes, it will be important to dose an anti-scalant into the water. GE Hypersperse MSI 310 antiscalant will therefore be continuously added into the pipeline prior to the RO to prevent scaling.
  • STEP3: PH adjustment will be done using a chemical dosing pump complete with a chemical tank to maintain the natural taste and stability of water.
  • STEP4: The “pre-treated” water will then be passed through a Reverse Osmosis Unit to reduce the TDS and condition the water. This water can then be stored in a clean water tank (client’s scope).
  • STEP 5: The water will then be pumped through a cartridge filter and UV for sterilization before bottling is done or chlorination if the water is distributed directly to points of use.

Can treat water from different sources

Our commercial water purification machines are capable of treating water from sources such as:

  • Rivers
  • Dams
  • Boreholes & wells
  • Ocean/sea

The Best Quality Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers in KenyaDifferent treatment stages

A typical commercial water purifier for tap water uses the following stages when treating water:

  1. 1st stage – Sand filtration- for removal of large particles.
  2. 2nd& 3rd stage – Cartridge filtration- removal of suspended particles.
  3. 4th stage –Carbon filtration- removal of insecticides, organic chemicals, chlorine, herbicides and unpleasant taste.
  4. 5th stage – Micro filtration- further removal of suspended particles and bacterial removal.
  5. 6th stage – Ultra Violet disinfection- at this stage water is exposed to ultra violet rays to kill bacteria and totally disinfect the water.

High efficiency

From the above explanations on the different stages and processes of water purification our machines can handle, the result is high efficiency. The final water produced is very stable and meets all the mineral requirements of KEBS for drinking water. You will be investing your money in a top quality water purifier.

13 month warranty

Because we are confident that our machines are of the highest quality, we give our clients a 13 month warranty on any water purifier you buy from us. In case of nay technical fault during this timeframe covered by the warranty, you get free technical assistance to ensure your machine is back to working condition as it ought to.

Order a commercial water purification machine

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