How to make KSH 70000 in a month with a milk ATM business in 2022

How to Make KSH 70000 in a Month With a Milk ATM Business in 2022

How to Make KSH 70000 in a Month With a Milk ATM Business in 2022

In the aftermath of Covid19 disruptions, many people found themselves without a job or a reliable source of income. Many businesses were affected and some have not even resumed to this point. As a result some people have remained jobless since then or their incomes have been greatly reduced. However life must go on and that’s why you need to think of an alternative way of generating or increasing your income and/or earnings. If you are in this category, you have come to the right place. We will be sharing a business idea that might be of interest to you. We will look at how to make Ksh 70000 in a month with a milk ATM business in 2022.

How to make KSH 70000 in a month with a milk ATM business in 2022- requirements:

milk atms, Milk ATM made in KenyaKEBs approved milk ATM- the business of selling milk with an ATM needs a high quality milk ATM. And one of the ways that you can be assured that you have a high quality milk ATM is one that is approved by caps. KEBS has strict standards on milk handling and any other food handling machinery or equipment. We make KEBS approved milk ATMs. If you buy one from us you are guaranteed that you are buying what is required in the market. Do not gamble by buying a milk ATM that does not meet the required KEBS standards. One of the things that Kenya dairy board is so keen on ensuring is adhered to is food grade pumps on milk ATMs. We make ATMs that have food grade pumps. 

Business premises at a convenient location- another very important consideration to make when setting up a milk ATM business is the location. The location should be very accessible to potential clients. There should be good traffic of people. This can be at a shopping complex or shopping center where people frequent going to buy other products. It should be also very accessible by the milk suppliers. It should be at a location where other public amenities are not an issue. These public amenities include: electric power, roads, sewerage, water.

Business licenses and permits- it is a legal requirement in Kenya to have business permits. You need to visit your county officers who acquire the relevant business permits and licenses so that you can be able to operate your milk ATM business legally. 

Food handling handling certificate-  A food handling certificate is a major requirement to operate this type of business. In addition to other business permits and licenses this is one that you must get if you want to operate your business in peace. Otherwise you will have a rough time when visited by county public health officials who go investigating if food handling businesses have this certificate.

Reliable milk supplier- in any business suppliers are key to the survival of that business. You need to make sure that you have identified reliable milk suppliers. If possible, have more than one supplier. This helps you to be covered in case one of them fails to supply you. You can revert to the other supplier. It’s also advisable that you have some buffer stock. This is where having milk storage equipment comes in handy. We will talk about this later.

Reliable source of clean water- clean water is a necessity in operating this business. You need clean water for washing the milk handling equipment as well as washing the floor and the surfaces within the premises. Milk being a highly perishable commodity it needs to be handled in a very hygienic environment. Key to ensuring that the environment is clean to the required standards is availability of clean water. You need to make arrangements if the premises is not connected to a clean water source that you have storage tanks for storing clean water for use.

Premises with electric power connection- A milk ATM needs electric power to operate. It needs the power for the pump and also for the PLC unit that is used to key in the amount to be dispensed. The power is also essential for operating the milk cooler or a chest freezer if needed. Ensure that you have a reliable electric power source.

Optional requirements-  

There are some optional requirements that you might need or consider having depending with where you source your milk from and the volume of milk you will be selling on a daily basis. Let’s look at them below:

milk cooling tanks, Chillers/Cooling Tanks - Where to Buy Milk Cooling Tanks in KenyaMilk cooler/Chest freezer- If you will be selling high volumes of milk you need an extra storage apart from the milk holding tank that is inside the milk ATM. The milk holding tank is not very big and inasmuch as it can be made bigger there is a limit as to how big it can be because of the body size of the milk ATM. If you are selling big volumes of milk each day you will need additional storage. The additional storage should be able to keep the milk at very low temperatures that do not allow bacteria that makes milk go bad be able to survive. That’s why a milk cooler or a chest freezer is necessary.

Milk pasteurizer-  if you are sourcing your milk directly from farmers you will require to pasteurize this milk as opposed to where you are sourcing your milk from a supplier who supplies pasteurized milk. Because milk is a highly perishable commodity it needs to be pasteurized so that it can stay for a longer time without getting spoilt. A pasteurizer is the best option in this case instead of boiling your milk using a sufuria that burns or overheats the milk and gives it a bad taste.

How to make KSH 70000 in a month with a milk ATM business in 2022- The math

Let’s use very realistic figures. Remember in a milk ATM there are other milk products (yogurt & mala) and non milk items Eg bread, eggs, cakes, snacks etc that you should sell. 

Fresh milk sales volume 100 litres per day

Buy pasteurized milk at ksh 50 per litre

Sell at 65 per litre


65-50= 15


1500×30= ksh 45000 per for fresh milk

This leaves ksh 25,000 to hit the target. This is an amount you can easily reached and exceeded if you include the other above-mentioned products like eggs, mala, yogurt, bread, snacks etc.

How to make KSH 70000 in a month with a milk ATM business in 2022- final word

From the above calculations you can see that it’s very easy to make Kenya Shillings 70,000 per month with this business idea. The key thing is being in a location where there is high traffic of people. With high volumes of people it’s possible even to make the 70,000 shillings on milk sales alone.

Before starting the business ensure that you have everything ready including identifying the supplier. From there you can see ways of scaling up your business especially by opening other branches in other convenient locations.

Milk Dispenser Machine made in Kenya, Milk Dispensing ATM made in KenyaGet a high quality milk ATM from us 

Now that you have learned how to make KSH 70000 in a month with a milk ATM business in 2022 you could be interested in starting right away and one of the main investments in this business is a milk ATM. 

If you are in the market for a high quality milk ATM for your business, then no need to look further. We are the market leaders in manufacturing high quality milk ATMs that meet KEBS standards. 

You can get in touch with us by calling us, via WhatsApp, leaving a comment below, filling out the contact us form or visiting us at our showroom in Ruiru. We are located in Ruiru Kimbo, Toll station before you reach the Juja weigh bridge next to Ruibis Petrol station. Check the Google map at the bottom.


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