How to Use Hustlers Fund to Create Jobs in Kenya Using Water Vending Stations

How to Use Hustlers Fund to Create Jobs in Kenya Using Water Vending Stations

How to Use Hustlers Fund to Create Jobs in Kenya Using Water Vending Stations

In Kenya, unemployment among the working-age population is extremely high. Many Kenyans who are able and eligible to work are unemployed. A Business Daily ( census report, showed that 39pc of Kenya youth are unemployed. The Covid19 pandemic exacerbated conditions by forcing the closure of many enterprises, some of which have yet to recover or reopen. This means that we must all do everything we can to create work for these folks. This post is for you if you’ve been thinking about starting your own business. We will talk about how to use hustlers fund to create jobs in Kenya using water vending stations.

How to use hustlers fund to create jobs in Kenya using water vending stations- Preparation is key 

Market research/survey

Before starting any venture, you need to make thorough preparations, and doing a market survey is a smart place to start. Conducting market research can help you determine whether your idea is viable. There are numerous benefits to performing a market survey/research. First, you can determine whether there is a sufficient market/clientele for your product. Second, it allows you to determine whether the intended location is ideal for that type of business as explained next. The third advantage is that you can determine whether and how many similar competitors exist, allowing you to determine whether it is worthwhile to enter the same industry.

Identify suitable location

After doing a market survey and determining that it is a feasible business for your target market, you must choose a suitable place to open up shop. You must find a location that will best suit your demands in terms of setup and serving your clientele. One of the blunders I’ve seen is people putting up water vending machines in areas with minimal traffic and that are difficult to reach by freshwater lorries.

Find a shop that is easily visible and accessible to both people and freshwater suppliers.

Draw a business plan

What is a business plan?

A business plan is defined by Wikipedia as “a formal written document describing the aims of a business, the technique for reaching those goals, and the time frame expected to achieve those goals.”

A business plan, according to Investopedia, is a written document that defines in depth the aims of a business launch and how it will achieve its goals. It is a written roadmap for the startup’s marketing strategy, finance, and operations.

We may deduce from the two definitions above that a business plan is a written document that lays out a roadmap/strategy for beginning and maintaining a business. You must come up with one.

Business premises renovation

You have conducted a market survey, determined the location, developed a well-thought-out company plan, and located the appropriate premises. It is now time to renovate and adapt your business premises to meet your needs. This is likewise an activity that requires careful planning. It allows you to know exactly where each piece of equipment will be located to ensure seamless operations. If you require assistance, we have a sample setup available. 

Water Station Business Set Up

How to use hustlers fund to create jobs in Kenya using water vending stations- Key requirements

Water station equipment needed

Don’t be put off by the fact that a water station requires a significant investment. The majority of the equipment is reasonably priced, and Saset manufactures high-quality water station equipment at reasonable costs. Some of the necessary equipment is listed below.

Water Vending Stations - Best Water ATMs made in KenyaWater ATM

This is one of, if not the, most critical piece of machinery you will purchase. It allows you to sell different amounts of water at different prices without having to guess. It provides you with ease, speed, and accuracy. A high quality water vending ATM assists you in setting the correct price per litre, saves sales records and is password protected. You only need to feed the amount into the digital unit, also known as a PLC. The PLC communicates with the pump to deliver the correct volume of water based on the amount in shillings entered.

RO system/ pure water treatment machine

A reverse osmosis system or a pure water treatment machine is for people who choose to purify their own water rather than purchasing pre-purified water. The benefit of this option is that you have greater margins than those who buy already purified water. The drawback is that you must initially invest in the equipment, but you can repay your investment over time. In the end, you get higher returns than someone who buys previously cleansed water.

They are available in a variety of output capabilities. The price of each is decided by output capacity, but prices also differ depending on whether it is a reverse osmosis system or a pure water treatment machine.

Storage tank/holding tank

You need enough storage to serve as a buffer stock once the water has been purified or purchased already purified. The stainless steel holding tank is the one that is most frequently advised. However, some people choose to purchase plastic storage tanks.

Tank for storing raw water

Unpurified/untreated water is kept in the raw water storage tank. You should preserve water whether you purchase it from water vendors or draw it from a tap, borehole, or other sources. This is to make sure you have enough supplies in case water runs out before the next delivery, there is water rationing, or your borehole water cannot be pumped for any reason.

Bottle rinsing water jet

For cleaning, rinsing, and refilling bottles, a bottle-rinsing water jet is helpful. The upside-down bottle can be cleaned with the help of a high-pressure water jet provided by the device.

Refilling bench or point with taps

The empty bottles are filled here and sent off. Businesses that sell their own branded water and don’t need to enter amounts in shillings typically use this.

Packaging benches

Businesses that deal with their own bottled water sold at retail locations like stores and supermarkets can benefit from using packaging benches. After filling the bottles, you package your water here. Here is where you set the caps and use the plastic sealing stickers to seal them.

NB: all the above equipment can be sourced from Saset Technical Services. We are experts in making high-quality water station equipment.

Sealing machine

To seal the caps for authenticity and safety, you need a sealing machine, which is an electric heat blower. By blowing hot air over the plastic paper seals, you can attach them over the bottle’s tops and neck after inserting them. They become glued to the bottle’s neck and cap as a result. The seals forbid meddling with the water, and customers reject products with damaged seals. Any Kenyan company that sells packing equipment has this machine for sale.

How to use hustlers fund to create jobs in Kenya using water vending stations- Growth and expansion

You can use a few different growth and expansion models. Here’s where you get to give the unemployed extra jobs. Let’s quickly go over a few of them below. 

Opening more branches

One of the finest strategies to grow your business is to open several locations if you have already made a name for yourself. Because you don’t need to register the new business and go through all the legal processes of a new firm, it offers simplicity and is less work. However, some people love having many brands and don’t mind the hassle of opening up new businesses. This is yet another strategy for growing your company.

Packaging bottled water

Starting to bottle and brand water is another fantastic option for developing and extending your water vending business. With small-volume, non-refillable bottles that have a capacity of less than 1.5 litres, you can target the mass market. 300 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre, and 1.5 litre bottles can all be bottled.

Last word

If properly planned and managed, selling water at water stations may be a very profitable company. You can be guaranteed success if you have the resources to purchase the necessary tools and abide by the law. We hope that the advice provided above on how to use hustlers fund to create jobs in Kenya using water vending stations has helped you understand what you need and how to go about getting it.

Get in touch with us if you need reliable high quality water vending station equipment

Are you considering starting a water vending or bottling business? For the appropriate tools, you require a trustworthy partner. In Kenya, Saset is the industry leader in producing high-quality water station equipment. To purchase one, get in touch with us today.

To contact us, please stop by our Ruiru showroom/workshop near the Kimbo bus stop adjacent to the Rubis gas station (see Google map). You can also contact us easily by calling, sending an email, using WhatsApp, leaving a comment on this page, or filling out the contact form. We always answer your questions right away.


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