How to Use Hustlers Fund to Make Good Money With a Milk ATM Business

How to Use Hustlers Fund to Make Good Money With a Milk ATM Business

How to Use Hustlers Fund to Make Good Money With a Milk ATM Business


The majority of young people in Kenya are indeed unemployed, and it is also true that unemployment fuels social ills including poverty, crime, teenage pregnancies, depression, suicide, and many other regrettable outcomes. How therefore can we resolve this issue? Use milk ATMs, otherwise known as milk vending machines, to generate employment. In this post, we will share with you some tips on how to use hustlers fund to make good money with a milk ATM business.

How to use hustlers fund to make good money with a milk ATM business- Steps to take

Step one: identify the opportunity

Are you an entrepreneur or thinking of starting a business? The first step before you start any business is identifying the opportunity. Or probably you already have an existing business and want to expand your income. Either way, you have seen an opportunity in selling milk and want to venture into it.

The first thing you do is do market research to make sure that there is a market for the milk or any other product for that matter. Do not just jump into the business for the sake of it. Establish if there is demand and sufficient clients for the milk.

One issue we’ve noticed with Kenyans is that they sometimes try to enter a crowded market but end up driving each other out of business. Therefore, do some research to see whether there are any milk ATMs already installed where you want to put yours. However, it’s possible that while there are others, they are unable to match market demands, thus by taking the risk, you are assured of customers.

On the other hand, it’s possible that you are better positioned or that you run a well-established enterprise with devoted customers who would switch to purchasing from you. In this way, you are the one who depletes the clientele of other businesses. Before starting a business, whatever the scenario, just make sure that you have potential customers that you are confident will buy from you.

Step two: establish a milk source

After determining that there is a market for your milk, the second step is to decide where you will be purchasing the milk. You can contact milk vendors from various regions of the nation to get milk delivered to you. Dairy farmer cooperatives, for instance, correct milk from their members and sell it on their behalf. All you need to do is make sure they are nearby or have access to supplies.

It is not cost-effective to choose those that require you to go pick milk for yourself. Some vendors deliver goods to Nairobi from various locations in Kiambu County, for instance. Since these suppliers have several customers, it is cost-effective for them to distribute the milk to milk vending machine owners since they own their vehicles.

You can also approach some milk distributors that sell unpackaged milk in jerry cans. They are taking this step because their branded milk doesn’t have a significant market share. Therefore, they typically sell to milk ATM sellers to broaden their sales channels and be able to sell all of the milk they have. Finding a dependable provider is your responsibility so that you can constantly provide for your customers.

Dairy Equipment

Important disclosure: Milk ATM merchants must only offer pasteurized milk under Kenya Dairy Board regulations. Make sure you are buying pasteurized milk from the milk vendor.

Tip: Strategize how you can meet one of the providers who provide to supermarkets or other milk ATM dealers and ask if they can supply to you as well. In this manner, when making their rounds, they simply drop by your shop.

Step three: get the necessary licenses

After you’ve identified a market and established a reputable source of supply, the third stage is to obtain the required licenses. You will need the following items:

  1. A permit from the Kenya Dairy Board
  2. Single business permission if you don’t already have a business. 
  3. Food handling certificate- this protects you from harassment by county council officers, also known as kanju.

Unless things have changed since we last looked, the aforementioned are the three prerequisites. However, we recommend that you inquire about what is required so that you are prepared. Better to be safe than sorry. Fines for non-compliance can be harsh.

Step four: modify your business premises

The fourth stage is to prepare your business location. Ensure that your facility has been properly adapted to accommodate the installation of a milk ATM in a strategic area. Clients should be able to come in, hand over their bottles, and view the display unit that shows you pressed the correct figure.

Clients will not believe that you have administered the correct amount of milk in proportion to the amount of money they paid if the unit is not visible to them. As a result, ensure that the milk ATM display unit is easily visible to customers.

You should also make certain that the milk storage tank chamber is conveniently accessible. The doors must open in an open area. This will allow you to accept and pour milk at the ATM without difficulty.

How to make KSH 70000 in a month with a milk ATM business in 2022Step five: buy a high-quality Kenya Dairy Board approved milk ATM

After you’ve completed the preceding four stages, it’s time to purchase the milk ATM. Here, you must be cautious and purchase a milk ATM that has been approved by the Kenya Dairy Board. KDB looks for specific things, and if you are caught without an approved ATM, you may face consequences.

The good news is that if you buy from Saset, you won’t have to worry about this. We manufacture high-quality, KDB-approved milk ATMs. As a result, when you buy from us, you can be confident that it fulfills the highest requirements and will not land you in hot water.

Step six: establish a loyal client base 

The last phase is to gain loyal clients. Loyalty is built through providing high-quality milk and always having enough stock. In this manner, your customers will always know they can come to your store and get milk.

Maintaining excellent sanitary standards is also important. A milk ATM company must always be clean, as must the personnel who operate it.

How to use hustlers fund to make good money with a milk ATM business

The following are figures that show you how to use hustlers fund to make good money with a milk ATM business.

Milk costs Ksh 60 per litre (pasteurized) (this amount can drop to 45 during rainy seasons or when milk is abundant on the market).

How much do you charge per litre? Ksh 70 (in some areas, it is sold for Ksh 80).

Ksh 10 profit per litre

Assuming you make sales per day of 200 litres multiplied by Ksh 10 equals Ksh 2,000 equalling Ksh 60,000 per month. (remember, you can sell more in a high-traffic area with no competition).

For example, if you sell 500 litres per day, 500×10=5000 Ksh a day equals Ksh 150,000 per month.

Please keep in mind that the statistics above are relative. Milk prices fluctuate according to supply. Milk is sometimes sold for Ksh 55 per litre.

 From the above insights on how to use hustlers fund to make good money with a milk ATM business, it’s clear that the Kenyan youth can self-employ themselves and help reduce the number of unemployment. But where do you buy a high-quality milk ATM?

how to make good money with a milk ATM businessBuy a milk a high-quality milk ATM from Saset Ltd

Are you looking for a milk ATM? Saset Ltd is the ideal source for Kenya Dairy Board-approved high-quality milk ATMs. If you require one, please contact us right away. You can do so via WhatsApp, call, email, leave a comment below, or fill out the contact form.




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