How To Use Hustlers Fund To Create Jobs In Kenya Using Salad Cooking Oil ATMs

How To Use Hustlers Fund To Create Jobs In Kenya Using Salad Cooking Oil ATMs

How To Use Hustlers Fund To Create Jobs In Kenya Using Salad Cooking Oil ATMs  

It is no secret that the majority of Kenyan youth are unemployed, and it is also a fact that unemployment contributes to poverty. So how do we solve this problem? Create jobs using salad cooking oil ATMs. This post will be highlighting How to use hustlers fund to create jobs in Kenya using salad cooking oil ATMs.

How to use hustlers fund to create jobs in Kenya using salad cooking oil ATMs

The use of salad cooking oil ATMs can be one way for the private sector to create jobs in Kenya. Salad cooking oil is a product that is used by almost every household in Kenya. As such, it makes sense for businesses to offer this product at an affordable price and make it available to people on the go.

In fact, salad cooking oil is already being sold at several supermarkets around Nairobi and other cities in Kenya. The issue at hand is that the government of Kenya does not have enough resources to tackle unemployment in Kenya. That is why we have come up with an innovative solution that will help create jobs for Kenyan youth.

This will be a great money-making venture, as you can sell different quantities of oil and make some good money. To create jobs in Kenya using salad cooking oil ATMs we need to take three key steps:

-A good education system that provides skills for life and business

-Low-cost technology.

– Access to financing.

What is a salad cooking oil ATM?

The cooking oil ATM works in the same way as a petrol station machine. You key in the amount of money the client wishes to spend and then press “OK”. The machine then dispenses the right amount of cooking oil.

To calibrate(set) the price you, use the digital control unit also known as PLC. This is because the PLC communicates to the pump that dispenses oil equivalent to the amount. For example, you might set the price at Ksh50 per litre, the ATM will dispense oil equivalent to that amount or any amount you key in. It’ll dispense anywhere from Ksh10 to over ksh1000 worth of oil equivalent.

Salad oil is always liquid and free of contamination when purchased from a high-quality salad ATM machine, such as those produced by Saset. To help prevent any unauthorised individuals from tampering with the prices or sales records, our ATMs additionally have a password-protected PLC.

How to use hustlers fund to create jobs in Kenya using salad cooking oil ATMs

What you need:

What You Need To Start a Cooking Oil ATM BusinessSalad cooking oil ATM

The primary equipment you require is a salad cooking oil ATM. The most significant investment made in this venture. Therefore, you must do the sourcing correctly by buying from a business that is renowned for producing salad ATMs of the highest calibre. That is where Saset Ltd comes in.

You should be able to get a warranty from the manufacturer, and Saset offers you a 13-month warranty. You ought to be able to get after-sale services from the manufacturer. We provide our customers with exclusive after-sale pricing. 

Salad/cooking oil supplier to source from

The goal is to purchase the cooking oil for less money, mark it up, and still be less expensive than store-brand cooking oil. Purchasing from a distributor or wholesaler is the best option. Additionally, you can purchase the less expensive brands because they are often less expensive than the more expensive brands while maintaining the same quality (after all, sometimes you pay more for the brand name than the quality).

However, be sure the quality is good even if you choose a less expensive brand because low-quality cooking oil may harden and be difficult to use.

A good location

One of the most crucial factors in ensuring business success is location. In this endeavour, you need to locate a place with a sizable population of your target customers. The individuals that are interested in your product are your target clients. Even though cooking oil is used in every household, not everyone will be interested in your goods. You wouldn’t expect folks in a high-income neighbourhood to buy from you. This group favours shopping at supermarkets for luxury brands.

The accessibility of a location is another factor. Potential customers should be able to access the location/premises. A good site would be in a mall where other businesses are located and customers may go shopping for other goods. Alternatively, the estates are located along busy front streets. Make sure your business is accessible to everyone.

Additionally, the area needs to be safe and clean. You shouldn’t open a business in a dry location, close to a landfill, or in an unclean environment. The location should be secure so that customers feel comfortable coming to you to make purchases. 

Business premises

You have two alternatives when it comes to the business location: either a standalone location where you only sell salad oil or one where you also offer other things like milk, cereals, etc. I would advise you to choose the latter because it lowers your operating costs and increases your profits because you are selling more things.

You can try to co-share space with an existing firm if you can’t find a suitable location. Simply decide how much you’ll pay for the area. The good news is that you don’t need a lot of room right now for the salad ATM.


Any business must adhere to the law and get licences and business permits. This mostly applies if you run your business out of your existing premises as opposed to not sharing the space. The county agencies in your area that handle licencing can provide you with the necessary permits and licences. For such a shop, the majority of counties only require one license. However, there are specific circumstances in which you could need to pay for additional licences.

Cooking oil ATM businessHow to use hustlers fund to create jobs in Kenya using salad cooking oil ATMs

The aim is to start with one and watch it expand after making sure the above are in place. As the company expands, gain all the knowledge you need. If you already have a job, you can hire someone because this is a business that doesn’t necessarily require a college degree. This is a good side business for someone who is working.

Once you’ve mastered these concepts, try growing by opening additional branches in various neighbourhoods. Businesses that operate water stations do this. All over, branches are opening. You will be giving many people jobs in this way. You can also decide to open branches in other cities and towns across the nation, which adds even more jobs for young people.

You may attempt to fill a variety of positions in this industry, including:

  • Shop attendants.
  • Manager(s) if you have many branches spread across the country.
  • Accountant(s).

Final word

From the aforementioned information, it is clear that it is possible to give several Kenyans work by using a straightforward business plan and simply selling common home items. You can now start your own business in this industry.

Get in contact with us if you need a reliable salad cooking oil ATM machine. In Kenya, Saset is the industry leader in producing salad cooking oil ATMs of the highest calibre. We are excited to give one to you. If you choose, our ATMs can also be integrated with M-Pesa for simple payment. Other choices include coin-operated digital control units, often known as PLCs (programmable logic controls), that require the customer to key in the desired amount.

To place an order or to learn more, contact us right away.

You can contact us via WhatsApp, giving us a call, sending an email, filling out the contact us form or leaving a comment below.

Alternatively you can visit our showroom/workshop in Kimbo Ruiru at the Toll bus Stop next to Rubis petrol station. We look forward to serving you.


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