Water Purifier Machine Sellers in Kenya

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Water Purifier Machine Sellers in Kenya

Are you planning to invest in a commercial water purifier for water vending business or other uses like industrial use or even hospital use? Find out who are the best water purifier machine sellers in Kenya in this post. We will also share a few tips on what to consider when buying a water purifier.

What to consider when buying a water purifier

Before buying a water purifier, it is important to determine whether it will serve your needs appropriately. Below are some of the main considerations to make before buying one.

Type of water to be purified

Not all water purifiers have the same capabilities. There are different water purifiers with different capabilities depending with what impurities the water has. For example some water sources have high concentration of dissolved solids also known as TDS while others have low levels of the same.

It’s not ideal for water to be completely without some of these impurities because they are good for the body. For example mineral water has some composition of fluoride, sodium, chloride, sulphate, nitrate etc. Packed mineral water companies are actually required by law to indicate the figures on the bottle.

However high levels of these essential minerals can be harmful not to mention there are other impurities found in water. That’s the reason why it’s important to have the water purified. Some sources of water that have high levels of fluoride and TDS need a capable water purifier. Such sources of water might include boreholes, dams, rivers, seas etc.

On the other hand water with low levels of fluoride and TDS doesn’t need the extra features. For example council water is usually treated and some of these excess impurities removed. However, the water though clean from bacteria and any other harmful micro-organisms that might cause cholera, diarrhoea and other waterborne diseases, it’s not really purified and does indeed contain some of these impurities in excess levels.

In addition to that, water can get some contamination during the delivery from the municipal council treatment plant to the households. This is very common in major towns where pipes regularly get damaged or even some criminals steal water by unscrewing joints. In the process dirty water can leak in especially when it rains and floods.

It’s therefore important you invest in a machine that is suitable for the source of water you have. The best way to know the impurities in your water that will help determine the right water purifier is having your water tested in a good lab that is NEMA approved with the right testing equipment. Saset is one of the leading water purifier machine sellers in Kenya and can advice you on the right purifier for you.

Output capacity of the purifier

Output capacity of a water purifier is a very important factor to consider. This is because it will determine how efficient you operate. For example beverage/soft drink companies, milk processing plants etc need a high output capacity water purifier. A low capacity water purifier will greatly affect production because it means the company cannot make a lot of products per run or at the end of day.

On the other hand an estate water vending station doesn’t really need a high output water purifier. It also doesn’t need to be the type that handles water with high fluoride and TDS levels. Such a business can go for a smaller output capacity machine that handles water with low levels of fluoride and TDS. You can instead buy clean drinking water delivered in a water bowser and you purify it further.

To avoid running out of water or delay in serving your clients during busy hours, you can invest in a storage tank for the purified water. You then run the machine when traffic is low and store it in the tank. Saset can build a stainless steel storage tank if you wish to have one but you can also use a plastic tank.

Cost of the machine

Another major consideration to make when making the decision of which water purifier to buy is how much it costs. Different water purifier machine sellers in Kenya offer different prices. Some might cheap but that doesn’t mean the quality is good. The cost of the purifier is determined by:

Type of purification it offers- is the water purifier capable of handling water with high levels of fluoride and TDS or low levels? As said earlier, it’s important to first know what impurities are in your water by taking your water in a lab to be tested. The higher capability it has of testing the higher the price because it needs more components for the filtration process.

Output capacity- another cost determinant is the output capacity. A high output purifier definitely costs more because it has more efficient components that can do more filtration in a shorter time.  

Is it locally assembled or imported? – Locally assembled machines are generally cheaper than complete imported units. Many water purifier machine sellers in Kenya assemble them. At Saset, we are the leading experts in assembling high quality water purifiers for any use.

Our technicians have the expertise and experience in making the most suitable purifier for you. The advantage with getting one from us is that we can customize it to suit your needs.

Water Purification SystemsThe best water Purifier Machine Sellers in Kenya

Saset has been in the water purification machines industry from 2015. This makes us the market leader in water purifier machine sellers in Kenya and this is supported by facts. Numbers don’t lie and the number of machines we have sold is proof that clients trust our products. We have had many referrals and return clients. All this could not be possible if our machines were not of high quality and able to offer our clients quality service.

Get a water purifier from us

Do not be deceived that you need to import an expensive water purifier from abroad that you are not guaranteed it will serve you or you will get a technician to repair it. Get the right water purifier from us.

You can get in touch with us to inquire or order one.

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