water purifiers for sale in Kenya

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Water Purifiers for Sale in Kenya

Are you in the market for a water purifier either for domestic use or commercial use in industrial production or water vending business? Here you will find where to buy water purifiers for sale in Kenya and some of the different types you can buy.

Categories of water purifiers

There are two main categories of water purifiers determined by their intended use. You can either buy one for using in your home which has a smaller output capacity or one that is suited for your business that has a big output capacity.

However, the above can further be classified depending on type of filtration they are capability of. E.g. water with high levels of contaminants or water with low level of contaminants. You therefore need to be careful to determine what are the levels of contaminants does your water have. To know this you need a good lab that has the right equipment for testing the water.

Domestic water purifiers

Domestic water purifiers also known as domestic reverse osmosis systems are simply for use at home. Generally they have a low output capacity compared to their commercial counterparts. However even these, have different output capacity. Some have higher output capacity than others. When searching for water purifiers for sale in Kenya, it is therefore very important for you to establish your water usage at home. This will help you know which one will be suitable for your needs.

One of the advantages of domestic water purifiers is they are very portable and some are small enough to fit under your sink in the kitchen. However there are others that are a bit big and need to be installed were there’s enough space. You can even have them installed at the back of your house but use connecting pipes to bring water in the house.

Due to their filtration capacity and features they do not have the capability to produce a lot of water at a go and sometime they have some wastage. This is especially the case with water that has high levels of total dissolved solids and fluorides.

The other main advantage of these domestic RO systems is that they are more affordable and easier to install. At Saset we even have some we have designed and assembled that we can customize to your needs. These are even more affordable than those imported as complete units.

Commercial water purifiers

Commercial water purifiers are more suited for commercial use at a larger scale. They are mainly used for industrial or commercial use because they have bigger output capacity.

Examples of businesses that can use commercial water purifiers:

  • Hospitals,
  • Beverage production,
  • Water vending,
  • Distillation plant,
  • Industrial manufacturing,
  • Food production,
  • Dairy products production etc.

These water purifiers too have different capabilities depending with the source of water. For those that use council water, they have fewer filtration features because the council water is already filtered and cleaned to a big extent.

Their main features are for filtering out the micro-organisms as well as enhancing the natural taste of water. By removing these micro-organisms, they remove any bad smell and taste and as a result the natural taste of water is able to be tasted because it’s no longer diluted by the taste of other contaminants.

When searching for commercial water purifiers for sale in Kenya, it’s also important to know the levels of contaminants in your water. These levels are mainly determined by the source. Eg, river, borehole, sea, dam etc.

At Saset we have two main types of commercial water purifiers; one for water with high levels of fluorides and TDS and the other type is for water with low levels of fluorides and TDS. As stated earlier you need to test your water in a reputable lab that will give you accurate results so you can know which purifier to go for.

Water Purification & Vending EquipmentWater purifiers for sale in Kenya

If you have been searching for water purifiers for sale in Kenya, your search has led you to the right place. Saset is the leading supplier and installer of water purifiers in Kenya. We supply and install both domestic and commercial water purifiers.

Regardless of your intended use, we have the capacity to install the RO system you need. Additionally, we customize them as per your need so that you don’t have to install multiple systems that add up to your cost.

Get in touch with us today for the best water purifiers for sale in Kenya

If you would like to know more or get a quotation for a water purifier/RO system, get in touch with us today. We will be able to advice you on the right machine for you. Also if you need a reliable lab for testing your water, get in touch with us we connect you with one.

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