Where to Buy The Best Domestic Water Purifiers in Kenya

Where to Buy The Best Domestic Water Purifiers in Kenya

Where to Buy The Best Domestic Water Purifiers in Kenya

Domestic water purifiers are a good alternative the commercial ones however you might be wondering where to buy the best domestic water purifiers in Kenya. We would like to help you get the right one for your needs and in this post we will be sharing some insights.

Access to clean and safe to drink water is a big challenge in many parts of the country including urban centers and major towns. To overcome this challenge, we bring you domestic water purifiers that you can install in your home and enjoy clean and safe water to drink.

Advantages of our domestic water purifiers


Our domestic water purifiers are very portable and as a result occupy very little space. When you install them you don’t have to worry about space even if you are living in an urban centre where there’s always a challenge with space.


These gadgets are really affordable compared to commercial water purifiers. Even if you are living in a rented premises you don’t have to worry about the cost of installing one. They are really affordable even for lower income households.


Running the equipment is very cheap because it consumes very little power. It consumes less power than some of the household appliances you have in your house. Therefore you should not worry about the electricity bill you will incur as a result of using one.

Easy to operate

The water purifiers are quite easy to operate that even a small kid can operate. You only need to switch in and off to run the machine.

Where to buy the best domestic water purifiers in Kenya

SASET Technical Services is a leading supplier of high quality domestic water purifiers. If you need one in your home kindly get in touch with us today. We install them in almost any type of building.

We stock and install the best water purifiers you can find in Kenya.

reverse osmosis systems

We also make other dairy equipment like Milk Pasteurizers and milk cooling tanks.


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