Water Purification Machine Cost in Kenya

Best Water Purification Machine Cost in Kenya- Call 0726 74 74 03

Best Water Purification Machine Cost in Kenya

As a property owner trying to find an affordable yet reliable water solution, how much the best water purification machine cost in Kenya is most likely something you have pondered about.  If you are in the market for a solution to installing clean and safe to drink water the question most people ask is how much does a water purifier cost? Saset Ltd offers affordable water purification machines suitable for any home.

However it’s not that cheap and sustainable to always have clean and safe to drink water because most water available is contaminated. Therefore having an affordable solution to access safe to drink water is very important. This is one goal that should be of priority to both the national and county governments.

Best Water Purification Machine Cost in Kenya

A good water purifier for a household costs anywhere between KSH 100,000 to ksh 150,000 to install depending with the other factors that come into play like the distance between water source and your premises.

Factors that determine how much a water purification cost

Where to Buy Reverse Osmosis System in Kenya Output capacity

The water purification machines come in different output capacities. As a result the prices vary. The higher the output capacity the higher the price and vice versa.

Distance from water source to the premises

How far the water source to the premises is plays a big role in determining the overall cost of installing the unit. That’s why it’s always important for us to visit your site to determine the distance among other factors that might add up to the cost.

Amount of labor work involved

Another key factor that determines the cost of installing the water purification system is amount of labor required. In some instances we might have to do some plumbing work to enable the machine to be installed and operate efficiently. This also like the above factor contributes to the final figure we charge you.

Are you interested in installing a domestic water purifier for purifying borehole, river, well or even piped water from the council? Get in touch with us for a quote.

Water Purification Machine Cost in Kenya

We also make other dairy equipment like Milk Pasteurizers and milk cooling tanks.


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60 thoughts on “Best Water Purification Machine Cost in Kenya- Call 0726 74 74 03”

  1. Hey, I’d like to know the cost of installing a commercial water Purifier system. Would you kindly give cost(s)?

    1. Hi
      Kindly send your catalogue on borehole purification please.

      Kind regards

  2. Robert Ngatata Munga

    Good morning. Am enquiring on behalf of my neighbor who sunk a borehole which has salty taste. Lab results indicate TDS of over 5000 ppm. She needs a domestic water purifier. Can you kindly give a price quote and other details necessary. The borehole is in Kilifi.Thanks

    1. hello Robert welcome to Saset technical services. thanks for your inquiry. we would like to get the full report of the analysis kindly email us the report so we can advice further.

  3. Slystone malombe mutambu

    How much for a purification water machine I want to start selling bottled mineral water

    1. hello Slystone. first we have to establish the type of water you want to purify. contact us on 0726747403 so we can offer all the information you might need to start up.


      1. Hello admin I am in Mombasa and would like water purifier. My source will be from the piped water supplied by Mowasco. Please send me quote. Thanks in advance

    2. Eliud Ndalut

      How much for a purification water machine I want to start selling bottled mineral water

  4. Charles Manaseh Ondieki

    Water RO purifying machine which can purify about 300 litres per hour; single phase electricity or solar source of power. the machine should have a metering equipment to measure water taken.

    Thank you

    Prof. Charles M.M. Ondieki; Email: charlesondieki@gmail.com; Tel: +254722705609

    1. hello Prof. Charles. the R.O water purification system is available. kindly contact us on 0726747403 for a catalogue and accurate quotation of he specific machine you are interested in.

  5. How much will it cost for the water purifier, transportation to usenge in siaya and instalion

    1. Hello Francis,
      The machine prices are from as low as 150,000.
      I have sent you a catalogue of the machines.
      It has all the details and prices.
      we offer free delivery and installation country wide.
      Kindly reach us through +254726747403.
      Thank you.

        1. welcome to Saset Technical Services Stephen,
          you need to look no more!
          give us a call through 0726747403,
          we can help.
          Meanwhile take a look at our catalogue attached to your email.

          1. hello Zacharia, thanks for reaching out. kindly check your email. for more information call +254726747403. Thanks.

          2. Godfrey Bett


            Please send me the catalogue with pricing.


  6. Plumber frank

    Hello this morning, I could like to find some of machine which could make my life true by cleaning my domestic storm water or dam water true all process of treatment without temporary store in concreted or conteiners ?

  7. Stephen Opiyo

    I want a water purification equipment for home use. I have a bore with fairly soft water. Advice plz

    1. Good Afternoon Matilda, I have received your comment, kindly check your email and give us your feedback. thanks.

    1. hi Onyango, thanks for reaching out. kindly check your email. for more information call +254726747403.

  8. esther kitheka

    hello admin,i would love to know the cost of a water purification machine its requirements,reources and its workings

  9. Hi. I trust you are well. Kindly share with me a catalogue for all commercial machines. Source of water is borehole. The machine should include metering to monitor amount of water processed. Email jkinya77@gmail.com

  10. Good afternoon,I have aborehole at my premises in Ukunda Town in Kwale County.My bore hole has alot of water.I want to do business of purified water. Iam there for looking for water purification machine.The water is not salty just hard water. Please advice me how to go about it and the price of agood machine.Iam ateacher who is about to retire. Asante

  11. Hi, I want to set up a water vending machine in Mombasa, provided the water there is salty recommend or give me a catalog for appropriate water purifiers and vending machine for this kind of start-up/small-scale business. my email is mauriokubenet@gmail.com.
    Thank you.

      please check your email.

      for more information call. 0724747403 or WhatsApp no 0783747403

  12. Hello? Morning? My name is Evans. I stay in Machakos county a place called Koma which is on Kangundo road. I have a Rescue centre where we have a 1ac land. We are digging a borehole in that land. The water here is salty. We want to purify that water bottle it and start selling for the benefit of the centre. Give me the highest price of the machines and the lowest and everything needed. And how can we get the bottles. Advice us on everything needed thanks.
    My email is pst_evans@yahoo.com

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